[mapserver-dev] Source code header questions

Seth G sethg at geographika.co.uk
Tue Sep 17 12:43:10 PDT 2019

Hi all,

As part of the MapScript updates I'll be adding several new docstring related files and udpating the SWIG interface files. 
Currently most file headers look similar to below:

/* ===========================================================================
   Project:  MapServer
   Purpose:  SWIG interface file for mapscript colorObj extensions
   Author:   Steve Lime 
             Sean Gillies, sgillies at frii.com
   Copyright (c) 1996-2001 Regents of the University of Minnesota.
   Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a
   copy of ..

I have a couple of questions. 

1. Is the "$Id$" necessary? I believe this was related to when the code was stored in SVN? If no longer necessary should it be removed?
2. Should the copyright dates be updated? These are often inconsistent. On other projects the convention "Copyright (c) 1996-present" is used so that it doesn't become out-of-date. Is this an option?


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