[mapserver-dev] Call for Project Budget Ideas

Michael Smith michael.smith.erdc at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 11:43:42 PST 2020

Not sexy but so important. I'm +1 on these ideas


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    Two more ideas of non-sexy tasks that are important to the project but 
    hard to fund otherwise:
    - Release manager role support: A fixed amount (e.g. 2k$?) set aside for 
    each major release to fund the release manager work for the initial 
    release and the point/bugfix releases, with the understanding that this 
    does not cover all the time/work involved in managing a release, so this 
    should be treated as a way to support the release manager's contribution 
    and not as a way to add more pressure on them.
    - Security fixes emergency fund: when a security vulnerability is 
    reported, we need to react quickly and we don't have time to start 
    discussing budget. Someone's got to take the lead and address it as 
    quickly as possible. This emergency fund could possibly help prioritize 
    someone's time to deal with the vulnerability and coordinate with the 
    release manager for a release, etc.  Hard to tell how much to set aside 
    for this since we never know in advance if/when vulnerabilities will be 
    reported... we just need to be ready to react.
    On 2020-01-10 10:51, Steve Lime wrote:
    > Hi all: We have opportunities to fund activities - albeit at a 
    > relatively low level - for the benefit of the project. I'd like to ask 
    > folks to submit investment ideas in order to develop a project budget. 
    > At a minimum we would submit a request to OSGeo for a modest amount of 
    > funding. A couple ideas kicked around at the recent PSC meeting were:
    >   * Stipends to fund attendance for a few developers to the OSGeo Code
    >     Sprint in Athens. For example, three $500.00 travel stipends.
    >   * Funding to develop an RFC to institutionalize OGC/CITE compliance
    >     testing.
    > Other ideas? Please send 'em along and I'll collect and summarize them.
    > --Steve
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