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I’m actually looking at how to work between Entwine and Potree.  I want to be able to use different coordinate systems in Potree, just one at a time right now.  Both Entwine and potree seem to be only one coordinate system at a time products, so converting between them seems the way forward if possible.  I’m familiar with the MapServer methods of reprojection, etc and started there (here?).  the Mapserver pipelining seems to lend itself to this task.


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Hi Bob,

Since I know that you use MS4W on Windows: the PDAL utilities were included in the last MS4W release (4.0.2), and was built with laz-perf, laszip and other necessary libraries. Moving forward, MS4W will be including PDAL-latest in every MS4W release (there is already tickets for specific plugins to add in the next release). Cool!


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Anyone looked into using MapServer as a means of reprojecting pointclouds on the fly? It would add a vector to the calculations obviously, I suspect that I’m not aware of some other obvious item that would be a problem though.


Any idea of what this might entail as far as hours needed to get to a prototype process? Is it possible, and big show stopper that you can think of? I may have some avenues to finance something like this depending on amount.


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