[mapserver-dev] MapCache MBtiles insert speed

Jirka Danielka jezza1211 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 07:51:05 PDT 2020

I have experimented with MapCache and MBtiles cache format and I have a
question.  I tuned my server with PostGIS and Mapserver to very good speed,
when I selected the cache type to disk. I got on aprox. 1800 tiles/s during
mapcache_seed process (with switches -n 12 -M 15,15). But when I changed
cache type to MBtiles, I got only aprox. 250 tiles/s. Is it normal speed
for SQlite cache? I tried to tune some pragma values like:
            <pragma name="journal_mode">MEMORY</pragma>
            <pragma name="synchronous">OFF</pragma>
            <pragma name="temp_store">MEMORY</pragma>
but i gained only +50 tiles/s more...
Thank you for your answer and help
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