[mapserver-dev] Writing several <MetadataURL> in WMS GetCapabilities response

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Tue Mar 31 05:21:27 PDT 2020


I'm considering adding the capability to write several <MetadataURL> elements in the WMS 
GetCapabilities response, since this is allowed by the WMS standard.

There was an old ticket about that:

I'm considering the following backward compatible syntax where a  wms_metadataurl_list 
could be specified to give a list of items, that would be used as suffix for metadata keys, such 
that wms_metadataurl_{item} would be the actual key radix used to fetch the _format, _type 
and _href items.
As the above sentence probably doesn't make any sense, here's an example that should 
hopefully make it clearer:

   wms_metadataurl_list "xml html"

   wms_metadataurl_xml_format "text/xml"
   wms_metadataurl_xml_type "TC211"
   wms_metadataurl_xml_href "http://example.com/testXML"

   wms_metadataurl_html_format "text/html"
   wms_metadataurl_html_type "TC211"
   wms_metadataurl_html_href "http://example.com/testHTML"

Thoughts ?


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