[MapServer-dev] MapServer C++ ification

Steve Lime sdlime at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 13:29:14 PDT 2023

Hi all: I've been wondering what it would take to start moving MapServer
towards C++. Currently we have a bit of a mixed bag, mostly C with C++ used:

   1. When required with C++ libs like Agg.
   2. For any new development, for example, OGC API and config file stuff
   is C++.
   3. Conversion work Even has spearheaded (e.g. mappostgis.cpp).

A full-on rewrite is probably not in the cards anytime but are there steps
that could/should be taken to move in that direction? For example, is there
any value in converting .c to .cpp and using the C++ compiler and fixing
errors? When doing a conversion are there particular C patterns that would
be ripe for reworking in C++? Are there any tools that might help with
something like this?

Or, is this a bad idea to even consider...

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