[MapServer-dev] MapServer OGC compliance certification

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Tue Aug 22 04:35:21 PDT 2023

Hi Angelos,

I maintain demo.mapserver.org, but I cannot find to the "demo instance" 
link on that OGC page, can you paste the old "demo instance" link here?

It's no problem for me to set this up, I'll take that task.  I'll use 
the same server as for demo.mapserver.org (if I'm understanding your 
question correctly)

To be honest, I'm more willing to setup a "demo instance" for MapServer 
8.x, and tackle the OGC compliance for MapServer 8.x, than setting up a 
demo instance for MapServer 6.2 (which could be tricky handling both 
versions on the same server).

By the way, I aim for 99% uptime on demo.mapserver.org, I have bots 
checking those services hourly.  I have seen this demo server being 
called one of the most reliable OGC instances out there.


On 2023-08-22 7:24 a.m., Angelos Tzotsos wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just got an e-mail from OGC that the MapServer demo instance listed in 
> OGC is no longer accessible.
> https://www.ogc.org/resources/product-details/?pid=1083
> One of the requirements for Reference Implementations is that they are 
> available with 99% uptime.
> As MapServer 6.2 is a reference implementation of WMS 1.3.0, they are 
> asking us to arrange for the demo instance to be made accessible again.
> Perhaps we could set up a container in the OSGeo servers.
> Do we have the configuration of the previous deployment?
> Best,
> Angelos

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