[MapServer-dev] Basemaps update

Yves Jacolin yves.jacolin at camptocamp.com
Tue Jun 20 06:15:12 PDT 2023

Hello Developpers community, :)

Following last update in MapServer 7.6 et 8.0 I created two branches in
basemaps project to get basemaps working with such version of MapServer.

Finally, the fix could be backported to main branch so we don't need two
new branches but ...

The README tells;

> use the branch corresponding to your mapserver version, e.g.

   - branch-6-2 for mapserver versions 6.2.X
   - master for development/current mapserver versions

so I don't know what is the best strategy. Creating a branch for each
MapServer version could be a lot of maintenance work.

What do you think? One branch most compatible with most of MapServer
Release or one branch by release?

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