[MapServer-dev] 2024 budget planning

Seth G sethg at geographika.co.uk
Thu Nov 2 10:58:18 PDT 2023

Hi all,

A wiki page sounds a good start. Increased test coverage and OGC Maps support would be two items I'd like to propose. 
We could also maybe use a GitHub Discussions poll to allow users to vote on some open issues to look at fixing?

I think any unused funds for the year remain with OSGeo and can't be used for future years. Is it an option to get a 2023 budget approved to avoid losing these funds for this year?
There is the OSGeo Codesprint in Vienna next week, and 5 of the PSC members will be there so we could arrange a PSC meeting and sign things off quite quickly. 


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On Wed, Nov 1, 2023, at 10:44 PM, Lime, Steve D (MNIT) via MapServer-dev wrote:
> This is a good idea and something that we haven't done in some time. 
> There was a 2020 budget outline 
> (https://github.com/MapServer/MapServer/wiki/OSGeo-2020-Budget) that 
> was put together as an ask from the board. If I recall correctly, they 
> basically only allocated the normal per project amount to the project. 
> That's funding we've not taken explicit advantage of most years 
> although I don't know what happens to those $'s if they go unclaimed. 
> There is also a donation balance that could/should be tapped to fund 
> activities.
> --Steve 
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> Hi MapServer community (devs, users, packagers, promoters, all),
> I see other projects beginning early discussions on planning for 2024 
> budget spending.  I would like to start a wiki page for the 2024 budget 
> for MapServer.  I am planning on including those items 
> never-funded-yet-heavily-relied-upon-by-users such as releases, 
> packaging, testing/CI infrastructure maintenance, and documentation, as 
> well as source code contributions (in other words, including the full 
> dev community of MapServer in the budget).
> I think 2024 is a good time to create a realistic budget for MapServer, 
> and then share that publicly with the FOSS4G community.  I think we'd 
> be happily surprised that organizations are willing to support the 
> sustainability of MapServer.  Worst-case scenario is that we have a 
> publicly available realistic view of the cost of keeping MapServer 
> reliable, secure, and fast, that we can expand upon in future years.
> Happy to read other thoughts here, from everyone passionate about MapServer.
> thanks!
> -jeff
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