[MapServer-dev] Removing remainings of GD from the documentation

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Nov 15 14:39:08 PST 2023


No reason (I had made sure to include warnings about this throughout).

I try hard to always include version notes in the documentation, as 
users appreciate this.

If you wish to create a pull request of your changes I can merge (or 


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On 2023-11-15 5:31 p.m., Rahkonen Jukka via MapServer-dev wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any reason to keep references to GD renderer in the 
> documentation? One example: https://mapserver.org/mapfile/symbol.html 
> <https://mapserver.org/mapfile/symbol.html>
> ANTIALIAS [true|false]
> Should TrueType fonts be antialiased. Only useful for GD (gif) 
> rendering. Default is false. Has no effect for the other renderers 
> (where anti-aliasing can not be turned off).
> Warning: GD support was removed in MapServer 7.0.
> Nobody can use that feature any more. Manuals for old versions are 
> available from https://mapserver.org/download.html#docspreviousreleases 
> <https://mapserver.org/download.html#docspreviousreleases>.
> -Jukka Rahkonen-

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