[Mapserver-inspire] MapServer and INSPIRE

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 06:02:52 EDT 2011

+1 for Daniel's suggestion for official support in v6.2

This will give us some more time to work on the other requirements of 
the latest INSPIRE document (v3.0)



On 04/18/2011 05:58 AM, Daniel Morissette wrote:
> On 11-04-16 03:08 PM, Martin Kofahl wrote:
>> Thanks to James, I could easily extend the GetCapabilities output for 
>> scenario 1 and focused on multi-language support for now. We could 
>> take advantage of MapServer variable substitution from url.
>> Please take a look at 
>> http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/ticket/3608#comment:11
> I see that you raised priority on the ticket, possibly in the hope 
> that we can fit this in 6.0? This caught the attention of the release 
> manager. ;-)
> Unfortunately I think it's too late to put this in 6.0 and this should 
> be pushed to 6.2. Note that there are talks of doing a 6.2 in the 
> summer (definitely before FOSS4G) so the delay would not be too long. 
> In the meantime users who require this level of INSPIRE support could 
> apply the patch locally, but there are a few reasons why I think we 
> should wait until 6.2 for the official release of this code:
> 1- We are way past the 6.0 feature freeze and this is clearly a new 
> feature and not a bug fix
> 2- Unless I'm mistaken, this patch addresses only a subset of the 
> INSPIRE requirements and may not be compatible with a more complete 
> solution that would come in 6.2 to more widely address INSPIRE 
> requirements (what this mapserver-inspire group needs to work on)... 
> what I mean is that once something like this is released, it will be 
> nearly impossible to take it out, so I'd rather wait until we have a 
> solid solution instead of putting something in that we may have to 
> take back out later.
> What do others think?

Angelos Tzotsos
Remote Sensing Laboratory
National Technical University of Athens

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