[Mapserver-inspire] MapServer and INSPIRE

Martin Kofahl m.kofahl at gmx.net
Mon Apr 18 07:31:15 EDT 2011

I agree with you regarding 6.0 release. If 6.2 will come out in summer 
that's probably a realistic time horizon. However, users may expect 
INSPIRE support in 6.0 and I really wonder that there're so little posts 
about it on the list.

The patch transfers James' MapScript work into MapServer. It's an 
implementation of inspire view service extended capabilities as 
described in the technical guidance v3.0, scenario 1. Language support 
lacks choosing correct titles etc. and has possibly other bugs. Scenario 
2 is more extensive and does touch existing code but does not break 
scenario 1. I'll go on working on it if there's interest. Updating 
ticket 3608 seems to me the most clearly possibility.

In addition, we should talk about bringing INSPIRE language support and 
OGC Web Service Common (referenced by WFS 1.1/2.0, I think) in line.


On 18.04.2011 04:58, Daniel Morissette wrote:
> On 11-04-16 03:08 PM, Martin Kofahl wrote:
>> Thanks to James, I could easily extend the GetCapabilities output for 
>> scenario 1 and focused on multi-language support for now. We could 
>> take advantage of MapServer variable substitution from url.
>> Please take a look at 
>> http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/ticket/3608#comment:11
> I see that you raised priority on the ticket, possibly in the hope 
> that we can fit this in 6.0? This caught the attention of the release 
> manager. ;-)
> Unfortunately I think it's too late to put this in 6.0 and this should 
> be pushed to 6.2. Note that there are talks of doing a 6.2 in the 
> summer (definitely before FOSS4G) so the delay would not be too long. 
> In the meantime users who require this level of INSPIRE support could 
> apply the patch locally, but there are a few reasons why I think we 
> should wait until 6.2 for the official release of this code:
> 1- We are way past the 6.0 feature freeze and this is clearly a new 
> feature and not a bug fix
> 2- Unless I'm mistaken, this patch addresses only a subset of the 
> INSPIRE requirements and may not be compatible with a more complete 
> solution that would come in 6.2 to more widely address INSPIRE 
> requirements (what this mapserver-inspire group needs to work on)... 
> what I mean is that once something like this is released, it will be 
> nearly impossible to take it out, so I'd rather wait until we have a 
> solid solution instead of putting something in that we may have to 
> take back out later.
> What do others think?

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