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Wed Nov 1 09:19:05 EST 2000

I meant to send this to the list and accidentally sent
it to one person...

Since I wrote it Tom/teb <teb at> has agreed 
to set up a page for this...

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I don't mean to be picky about this mapserver logo thing - 
but once this decision is made it would be very hard to 
make a big change. The examples people have shown so far
are a good start but none have been ideal yet. 

The logo should say these things:
- no preference towards a particular location
(maybe even have an international flavor)

- something about it being open (source)

- something about it being original (it's very
different from all the commercial options - all
the mapserver apps are very custom-looking)
(let's not look like ESRI...)

- something about the good support network

- and yes, something about it being geographic

The globe only speaks to that last point, which may 
possibly be not what we want to stress most about it.

I definitely want to thank all those that have proposed
designs so far, but I want us to hold off on the decision
for a little while until more people have had the chance
and time(!!) to think more about it.

How about we pick a date that we can all strive to have
designs by and then post them to the same site for perusal?
(I would propose Jan. 1 so that some of us who won't have
time, unfortunately, until the holidays for things like this)
Someone can start a page before then and then people can send 
designs (or ideas) to it as they are made...


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