!HELP ! I need the expression correct AGAIN!!!!

bertha amalia serrato de la cruz bertha_bonita at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 23:06:27 EST 2000

Hello list
I need your help
i tried several expressiones but, didn't work!!!
i do not why..

(i'm working whit version 3.3.010)

i have this ..

EXPRESSION ('[PERIODO]' eq 'Paleogeno')

in my table i have others words look likes to
Paleogeno as Neogeno, but i need the EXACTLY
expression for obtain only Paleogenos..

i tried whit:

   NAME "Periodo Paleogeno"
   EXPRESSION 'Paleogeno'     this don't  show me     
'^Paleogeno$'   don't show me nothing

and the other expressiones are:

EXPRESSION ('[PERIODO]' eq 'Paleogeno) show me 
paleogenos and neogenos, only this expressiones give
me a results!,but the results not are correct!!!!

what i have to do?
thanks for your advices!

    Lic. Ciencias Computacionales Bertha A. Serrato
    bserrato at cicese.mx
    CICESE,División de Ciencias de la Tierra.
    Ensenada, B.C.

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