getting attributes and matching them

Dennis Christopher dennis at
Wed Nov 15 09:04:06 EST 2000

 Having reviewed some of the map server examples that use queries,
(including a QUERYMAPOBJECT),
I am still unclear on whether the following is supposed to be doable in
map server and if so, how:

 Suppose I have a dialog area in my html form and in it the user can
 see the attributes for the (current) layer and can construct a string
like "<attribute name = X".
 (AREA = 30976 e.g.) The user wants the feature/s of the map that
correspond to this drawn
 highlighted when he clicks OK.

 Is this doable in mapserver? how?

 (BTW I have an example that gets the attribute names for layers out of
the header
 in the map file, so setting up the dialog area should be possible. I'm
not sure if there
is a more direct mapscript way to get the attribute names for a layer.)

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