How can I check my mapscript.tcl installation?

Milton Hill Milton.E.Hill at DFW.STATE.OR.US
Sun Mar 4 04:23:12 EST 2001

Hi All,
I'm trying to set up msworkbench and here's where I'm at:
msedit.tcl runs
msappwiz.tcl, msexplorer.tcl and msshapex.tcl don't
I understand that msedit.tcl doesn't need mapscript so I'm inclined to conclude that my problem lies there...

In case anyone is interested here's the error I get:
rainbow{milt}12: msappwiz.tcl
Error in startup script: couldn't load file "/usr/local/lib/MapscriptTcl1.0/libM": /usr/local/bin/wish: fatal: open failed: No
such file or directory
    while executing
"load /usr/local/lib/MapscriptTcl1.0/"
    ("package ifneeded" script)
    invoked from within
"package require Mapscript"
    (file "msappwiz.tcl" line 24)

Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated. I'm pretty new at this...


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