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Charlton Purvis cpurvis at asg.sc.edu
Sat May 1 22:59:22 EDT 2004

Thanks for your reply, Gregory.  I'm forwarding this onto the MS folks to see if they have any pearls of wisdom.
Everything looks great in the db.  If I render a map, I see all the points correctly.  If I take that query and plug it in to the command line, I see the rows.  But the moment I try to do either a cgi query, WFS query, or a PHP query, I get nothing back.  No error message.
I'm actually getting panicky which isn't any fun.  Has anyone seen anything like this before?
Queries rely on OID's and SRID's.  Is there any way they could have gotten mucked up?  Can I somehow refresh them?

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	If you do the query directly to postgres (via psql or pgAdmin or whatever) does the query return results ?
	If so, then my guess is that this is not a database error, at least not directly. If ot then yes, it would seem that somehow the postGIS itself has gottent snarfled.
	The change you made relating the geometryColumns doesn't sound to me like it should effect queries unless somehow the SRID info for the tables in your mapserver queries got clobbered; should be easy enough to confirm that this data is ok.
	I am not familiar enough with PHP and mapserver to have a clue; does the mapserver log itself show anything ?
	Not much help, I'm afraid, but perhaps posting this to the MMS list would add some more knowledge to the issue at hand ?
	Greg Williamson
	GlobeXplorer LLC
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	Hi, folks:
	Bizarre and unnerving problem here.
	Up until last night, mapping was fine and point-query was fine.  Now it appears that the mapping is still great, but the point query and WFS are toast.  I don't get any errors in pgsql.log or php.log.  I get . . . nothing.  Even going mapserv cgi query returns empty for a query I know should work.
	Maybe I'm being taught a lesson.  In a separate database, I noticed that addgeometrycolumn was taking too long -- I create about 400 smaller tables per day.  So I commented out fix_geometry_columns(); from the addgeometrycolumn function and did it once I had finished creating all my new tables.  So am I paying the price?  Has this corrupted this database as well as my other?
	If all this is OID stuff, is there any way to refresh all OID's?
	Restarted . . . yes.  VACUUM and ANALYZE'd . . . yes.
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