[Mapserver-users] Re: demo: legend, scalebar

Jerl Simpson jerl.simpson at rkiq.com
Mon May 3 09:00:56 EDT 2004


You can find an quick example of how to read the TIGER/Line data here:


scroll down to example #3.

I have done this, and it does work.  However I would recommend 
converting the ASCII files to ESRI Shapefiles.  The ESRI files will 
allow maps to be displayed much faster.  If you have a small amount of 
data, it might be alright.  As you add data however, it will slow down 
as ASCII is not very effecient for searching.


malonso at meso.com wrote:

> Hello,
> Has anyone come across or developed any utilities that can incorporate
> TIGER line files?  I also included a previous question (below) that I
> hadn't gotten any response to, if you can help with either that would be
> greatly appreciated.  Thanks folks.
> Matt
>>Howdy all,
>>I am trying to run the demo, and I can get most of it to work, but I
>>can't seem to get the legend or the 1st scalebar, the main map and the
>>2nd bar in the bottom right corner works fine.  I attached the modified
>>index.html and itasca.map files.  Ironically I had them all working fine
>>at first, but I had set the various "image_" things wrong so I could not
>>see them.  I made a couple changes and looked in the dir where the
>>images should've been and they were all there.  All the previous legends
>>and scalebars where there from the previous runs, but I was no longer
>>able to generate the 1st scalebar and the legends.  If anyone needs
>>anymore info please let me know.  Thanks in advance for your help.
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