[Mapserver-users] Problems drawing JPEG Raster with Transparency

Ethan Alpert ealpert at digitalglobe.com
Mon May 3 15:21:18 EDT 2004

I'm somewhat new to mapserver but I use OFFSITE with tiff images. The
value OFFSITE takes is the color index not the RGB.

Since JPEG's don't use a color map like tiff images I'm not sure how you
can do this. You may have too convert the JPEGS to something that uses
indexed color. 


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So I have this JPEG layer that I wish to draw on top of a couple other 
Shapefile layers, and I want it to be translucent. So in the mapfile I 
have set:
OFFSITE 255 255 255

And everything I want to be transparent is set to white (255, 255, 255).

However, when the layers are rendered and drawn, all the borders around 
the non-transparent parts of the raster are surrounded by a near-white 
(252, 252, 252) border.

You can see what I mean at:
The grey layers are shapefiles, the greenish-white layer is my JPEG

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?


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