[Mapserver-users] Problems drawing JPEG Raster with Transpare ncy

Delfos, Jacob jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Mon May 3 20:35:36 EDT 2004

If you have photoshop, you should try a 'replace color' operation.
Alternatively, bring it into whatever package you have, try to find a way to
automatically select the 'near white' (magic wand, or 'select color', or
something like that) and delete these areas, to make them white. 
If you can't do it like that, try to use 'curves' (histogram stretch), and
force all your bright colors (near whites) to be white.



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So I have this JPEG layer that I wish to draw on top of a couple other 
Shapefile layers, and I want it to be translucent. So in the mapfile I 
have set:
OFFSITE 255 255 255

And everything I want to be transparent is set to white (255, 255, 255).

However, when the layers are rendered and drawn, all the borders around 
the non-transparent parts of the raster are surrounded by a near-white 
(252, 252, 252) border.

You can see what I mean at: http://gislab-60.unbc.ca/viewer/out/problem.png
The grey layers are shapefiles, the greenish-white layer is my JPEG raster.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?


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