[Mapserver-users] Using itasci rubber band in php

Norbert Thieme norbert.thieme at ilmenau.baw.de
Tue May 4 06:38:51 EDT 2004

publiek at home.nl schrieb:
> I am trying to rewrite the itasca example (javascript with dhtml rubber band box) to php.
> What i want is to let the dbox javascript thing communicate with my php functions.
> Am i doing something that is possible? Or should i use something else for the rubber band selection?
> Any ideas are welcome.
> Thanks, 
> Marcel
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you can do that. Just make two inputs with a name in your form in the 
php file (e.g. <input .... name=javasX>).

I don't know what your does exactly but you can asign the Values from 
your coordinates to the html/php inputs (e.g. 
document.yourform.javasX.value = someXcoordinate). Notice that you 
should know what coordinates you get from the script (pixel, position of 
start point).

If the from gets submitted you can use this in php script. If your form 
uses POST then it could look like:

     if (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS["javasX"]))
       $click_x = $HTTP_POST_VARS["javasX"];

Now you can use this coordinates in php and do what you want to do.


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