[Mapserver-users] MapServer 4.2 beta 2

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Thu May 6 15:04:02 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,

MapServer 4.2 beta 2 has been posted to the MapServer website earlier 
today. It would be great if you could give it a try and report any 
critical problems... if nothing major is reported then this could become 
the 4.2 release in a week or so.

I have copied below the list of fixes since 4.2beta1.

  Daniel Morissette               dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
  DM Solutions Group              http://www.dmsolutions.ca/

Version 4.2-beta2 (2004-05-03)

- Map cloning fixed.  However, users must now set the cloned map's fontset
   and symbolset explicitly (see bug 557).

- Fixed problem with PHP's pasteImage() method when angle=0

- Fixed build problem in mapresample.c when compiling without GDAL.

- Fixed possible crash when producing WMS errors INIMAGE (bug 644)

- Fixed automated generation of onlineresource in OWS GetCapabilities
   when the xxx_onlineresource metadata is not specified: the map= parameter
   used to be omitted and is now included in the default onlineresource if
   it was explicitly set in QUERY_STRING (bug 643)

- Fixed an issue with annotation label overlap. There was an issue with
   the way msRectToPolygon was computing it's bounding box. (bug 618)

- Fixed "raster cracking" problem (bug 493)

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