[Mapserver-users] WMS client access in tutorials

Vincent J. Troisi vincent.troisi at colorado.edu
Thu May 6 15:47:05 EDT 2004

I'm new to this forum.When I attempt to use examples testing the
WMS client interface in the tutorial I do not receive a copy of
the Landsat map from the jpl site.
I observe the img.tmp file being created
but the file does not last long in the tmp directory.

The reference


returns with the following due to the fact the .tmp
file is empty:

msDrawMap(): Image handling error. Failed to draw layer named 'landsat'.
msDrawRaster(): Image handling error. Unrecognized or unsupported image 

drawEPP(): Image handling error. 
/home/troisi/www/htdocs/tutorial/data/tmp/1083865998252590.img.tmp is 
not an EPPL file.

When attempting to use the CONNECTION
string in my netscape browser and a wms.cgi file was returned
with the following contents

<?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<!DOCTYPE ServiceExceptionReport SYSTEM 
"http://www.digitalearth.gov/wmt/xml/exception_1_1_0.dtd ">
<ServiceExceptionReport version="1.1.0">
     Required key 'bbox' is missing.

Any thoughts?

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