[Mapserver-users] ogrinfo & ADF binary grid

Marcin Zajączkowski mszpak at wp.pl
Fri May 7 14:15:59 EDT 2004


I can display Arc/View ADF binary grid in MapServer (using GDAL) but 
ogrinfo seems to don't like my files :(
Details below:

[szpak at szpak my2]$ ls
[szpak at szpak my2]$ ls dem
dblbnd.adf  hdr.adf  log  prj.adf  sta.adf  vat.adf  w001001.adf
[szpak at szpak my2]$ ls info
arc0003.dat  arc0004.dat  arc0005.dat  arc0005r.001
arc0003.nit  arc0004.nit  arc0005.nit  arc.dir

and then I want to get available layers:

[szpak at szpak my2]$ ogrinfo dem
Unable to open datasource `dem' with the following drivers.
   -> ESRI Shapefile
   -> UK .NTF
   -> SDTS
   -> TIGER
   -> IHO S-57 (ENC)
   -> MapInfo File
   -> DGN
   -> GML
   -> AVCBin
   -> REC
   -> Memory

It's strange, because I saw that some people on mailing list make it
in this way (pointing directory with adf files). My GDAL supports
AVCBin. I have 1.1.9, but in changelog from 1.2.0 I didn't notice 
correct this problem (if any exitsts).

Maybe someone knows what I make wrong?

Best regards

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