[Mapserver-users] postgis + coordinates in differents rows

Stéphane RIFF stephane.riff at cerene.fr
Mon May 10 02:40:36 EDT 2004

Fabien Brachere wrote:

>I would like to draw points with Mapserver and Postgis.
>My problem is that the points are not in a geometry column but in 2 rows
>of a table like this:
>CREATE TABLE "foo_31" (
>    "id_da_exploitant" SERIAL,
>    "id" text,
>    "val" text,
>"id" is a string like: "aaaaaa/bbbbb/GEO_X"
>or  "aaaaaa/bbbbb/GEO_Y".
>val is the corresponding value of geographic coordinate (for X and Y).
>I wrote a function which returns a geometry type:
>language: pgsql
>arguments: character varying, character varying
>returns: geometry
>query varchar;
>test geometry;
>row RECORD;
>query:='select xy_to_point(cast(x as double precision),cast(y as double precision)) as value from (select A.val AS x, B.val AS y FROM ' || $1 || '  A, ' || $1 || ' B WHERE A.id=''' || $2 || 'GEO_X'' AND B.id=''' || $2 || 'GEO_Y'') AS foo;';
>    test = row.value;
>return test;
>The 2 arguments of the function are:
>#1: a table name (like foo_31)
>#2: the beginning of id ( aaaaaa/bbbbb ).
>When I call the function:
>SELECT my_function('foo_31','aaaaaa/bbbbb/');
>I've got the right answer:
>SRID=-1;POINT(558552.25 1975365.75)
>And now my question is: how can I draw this point with mapserver. I
>tried to do something like this (in phpMapscript), but with no results:
>$couche_da_exploitant->set("data","* from (select
>my_function('foo_31','aaaaaa/bbbbb/')) AS foo");
>If someone has a suggestion, it will be welcome.
>Fabien Brachere
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You can create a point directly with PHPMapscript like this :
       $point = ms_newPointObj();
       $point->draw($map, $layer, $img,$class_index, $text);

See mapscript documentation for more details

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