[Mapserver-users] Data Connection with MS-SQL database

Swaminathan, Gayathri gayathri at ou.edu
Mon May 10 09:33:01 EDT 2004


I am not sure you have trouble figuring something similar to the
scenario below, but here goes it,

1) Data in MSSQL
2) Convert to Access MDB format
2) Export to ESRI Shapefile- using a tool like MDB2Shapefile
3) Export shapefile to Postgres/Postgis using shp2pgsql
4) Have a layer in map file connecting to Postgis to implement this 
5) Join search results from table in SQL with the table in Postgres to
obtain the_geom


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> Hi guys,
> need some kind of direction as to how to get lat long 
> information from my 
> MS-SQL database to integrate with mapserver
> i'm totally lost as to how get this done....
> thanks
> jenu
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