[Mapserver-users] alpha blending

bartvde at xs4all.nl bartvde at xs4all.nl
Tue May 11 09:12:14 EDT 2004

Hi list,

what are the current alpha blending capabilities of Mapserver?

I saw an e-mail from Frank Warmerdam from 2002 in which he states:
"I would like to see Map file color keywords be able to specify an RGBA
color, instead of just RGB but even then alpha blending can only practically
be done on 24bit output, not colormap output files."

But AFAIK nothing has been pursued in this direction. The current state of
GD would make this possible.

So my impression is that alpha blending is only possible for raster layers
at the moment and not for vector layers. Is this impression correct? Are
there any plans to support the RGBA colors in the MAP file?

Best regards,

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