[Mapserver-users] Intro & Questions

Tyler Mitchell TMitchell at lignum.com
Tue May 11 11:25:40 EDT 2004

> I'm Ben, Darwin, NT, AU. Just subscribed to the list.

Welcome aboard.

> Read the online docs but have some questions about MapServer and 
> what it can do.
> Can MapServer handle other formats ie MapInfo or ArcInfo Export?

To add to Frank's note, ArcInfo export e00 files can be converted into 
coverages using
avcimport from http://avce00.maptools.org/avce00/avce00.html#avcimport.

Mapserver can then be built to use a set of awesome supporting libraries, 
in particular, OGR.  This is a kick-but vector library that reads numerous 
formats including MapInfo and ArcInfo coverages (among others).  This 
allows Mapserver to also use these formats, if required.

> If so, is there a good converter app for this?

Although you don't need to convert your shapefiles, you may want to know 
that OGR has a conversion program you can use called ogr2ogr.  It allows 
you to convert data between almost all of the vector formats that ogr 

> Should I install Apache first then MapServer?

As you progress, the next big question will be what operating system you 
are using.  If you are on windows, there are quite a few "binary" versions 
of applications ready to rock.  There are some for linux too, but you may 
find you need to do more digging and compiling to get what you need.  I 
highly recommend getting Frank's openev_fw tools package.  Let us know if 
you need pointers to the resources mentioned.


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