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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Wed May 12 11:59:16 EDT 2004

skoehler at buschjena.de wrote:

>I have imported the cities from opengeodb (www.opengeodb.de) in a postgis 
>table. Now I will show this cities in the german map. The german map is in 
>projetion esri:31494 and the cities are given in geocoordinates, so I have 
>used the projection proj=latlong. The target map is in proj=latlong. But 
>the cities lying outside of germany, why ?
the projection would not be esri:31494 but EPSG:31494 I'd think... :-)

Are you using WMS? Do you use the correct SRS, for WGS 84 (OpenGeoDB) it 
should be EPSG:4326? Where does the geometry of germany come from? If 
you are using a GNU/Linux or Unix engine remember that when referencing 
the PROJ4 you have to do that case sensitive: epsg / EPSG.
Additionally there has been a change in the EPSG file of the PROJ4 
regarding Gauss Kruger projections, the old code for GK 4 was/is 31494, 
now there are two new ones, 31464 and 31468 - for all three the 
projection itself is identical.

OK, its a little awkward...

Cheers, Arnulf.

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