[Mapserver-users] Controlling PDF file size?

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Fri May 14 02:49:24 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I am generating PDF maps and am not having much luck in controlling
the output data density. I have tried manipulating the "SIZE" parameter
in the map file and the "imgsize" argument when calling mapserver, while
the page dimensions change, the output file sizes do not differ appreciably.

Examination of produced files shows that altering SIZE and IMGSIZE have
no apparent effect on the number of vertices contained in the PDF map.

(having 1,000's of vertices in a page inch of line is just silly)

Is it possible to control the point density of arcs when generating PDF?
I'd kind of assumed that SIZE would have a similar effect on vertex
discards as it does in the raster renderer.



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