[Mapserver-users] PHP vs CGI performance

Ryan, Adam ARyan at co.linn.or.us
Fri May 14 12:13:36 EDT 2004


I'm curious if anyone has compared the performance of PHP mapscript with the
CGI version in doing the exact same thing, i.e. comparing the simplest php
script to return an image vs. the cgi with minimum url parameters for the
same map file.  I've been converting over to using PHP mapscript and though
I haven't spent too much time optimizing my PHP scripts yet, I have noticed
a slight increase in the time it takes to return an image.  I'm not
surprised, just curious if others had actually done some real testing.

Also, are there specific PHP config settings that I should be
setting/unsetting in order to speed up performance.

Thanks a lot for any comments on this,


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