[Mapserver-users] gdal 1.2.0

Paul Dymecki pdymecki at sympatico.ca
Mon May 17 00:27:54 EDT 2004

   I was wondering if any one has a compilied version of mapserver with
gdal1.2.0 on windows they could share.  I'm trying to avoid compilation
headaches + don't have MSVC...
Paul Dymecki
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From: "Manfred Meier" <m.meier at spiekermann.de>
To: <mapserver-users at lists.gis.umn.edu>
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2004 6:51 AM
Subject: [Mapserver-users] pointObj method 'draw'

> Hello list,
> I'm trying to understand how mapserver works. I'm using mapserver 4.0.2
> and perl mapscript. In the list archive i had learned that i can draw a
> point 'on the fly' with $pt->draw ($map, $layer,....). But it seeems
> that there is no such method for line objects. Can someone give me a
> hint why?
> Thank you
> Manfred
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