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Betreff: Re: [Mapserver-users] Mapserver Newbie Quests

>I think that your shape file tile index is probably going to be faster, 
>theory, than PostGIS.  The nature of MapServer is that PostGIS calls have 
>to go through a couple more levels to get your answer, whereas shape files 
>are bit more simple.

Good news :)

>ECW's, by nature, have a type of pyramids already.  It is not clear
>whether or not GDAL takes complete advantage of this, I know it was an 
>issue earlier on - a good question for the GDAL mailing list.  There are 
>several folks, including myself, using this capability - but I'm not 
>pushing the limits as you appear to be.

That´s the Problem, I know about the pyramid capabilities of ECW, but I didn´t know GDAL and its caps until now. The answer will be somewhere in the net... 
>Perhaps restarting the web server would help.  I assume it's not an 
>web server :)

It is Apache! Because of that, its mystery! But I found a way to kill mapserv.exe remotely, with the RPC Tool taskkill.exe, which I found in the System-Directory of Win XP Prof. With the Force-Flag set there is nothing you cannot kill remotely on a Windose Box.

>I think targetting OGC WMS would probably be your best bet - sounds 
>you are on the right track!

Thats what I thought, because there is no real OGC WM Service Application the market, which is able to serve large Image Raster Data. Image Web Server from ermapper.com is not really able to serve real OGC WMS, because of their own ECW as output Format.

Thanks for your spontanous help. On the postgis mailing list, no one answers as fast as here.



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