[Mapserver-users] Large Raster files

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Mon May 17 08:33:33 EDT 2004

IMD Listuser writes:
> I have several large (250MB) images that I would like to serve using
> mapserver. They are currently Geotiffs, so I would prefer to use them in
> the same format. Nonetheless I would be happy to hear about the best
> strategies for serving imagery.
> In particular, what is the best method for splitting up such an image
> into the smaller tiles that can be indexed using gdaltindex?

If you only have 'several' images,  It might be that a combination 
of using a tiled tiff format and overviews is good enough

there may be no need to split up your images into small tiles

If you have more then 'several' images you will probably want
to use gdaltindex to build a mapserver index file for your
original rasters too

documentation for gdal_translate, gdalaldo and gdaltindex @



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