[Mapserver-users] Large Raster files

Paco Regodon mapserver at meteologica.es
Tue May 18 05:56:14 EDT 2004

On Monday 17 May 2004 16:52, Martin Weinelt wrote:

> I also think that compressing the rasters is even contraproductive, because
> 'in memory' there is no compression and you add an extra job (decoding) to
> the application.

If your hard disk is slow, or busy, it may be faster to read small jpeg images 
and decompress it on memory, than read big uncompressed bmps or tiffs.

In our case, it is faster to use small 100KB jpegs, than big 1.5MB tiffs.

You will need to test to find your optimal configuration.

I agree with you that no reprojection should be done on-the-fly.


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