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mapguy phatsbbnlist at twcny.rr.com
Tue May 18 16:08:31 EDT 2004

I apologize if this repeats, but my web-based mail is quirky.
I have tried all these things and more, and I have arrived at a 
solution(s). I would like to share it(them)

1) I used a path within the TILEINDEX shapefile entries similar to the 
relative path for the tif files themselves e.g. if everything is in 
'data/raster/'  where 'data' is the shapefile path in my map file. I 
used the command

gdaltindex stlawtst.shp raster/*.tif

from the data directory and stored everything (.tif, .shp, .dbf,. shx) 
in the raster directory. The dbf entries for the location field look 
like "raster/o4994b.tif" etc

2) I eliminated the "epsg:26918" and inserted a PROJECTION block of proj 
style parameters e.g. "proj=utm" "ellps=GRS80"  zone=18" "north" "nodefs"

3) I fixed the single tiff layer name typo (that I missed repeatedly) 
and so was able to view the single tile sample I had set up as a layer 
(changed a  zero "0" to a vowel   o "o")

Thanks for the responses!

Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> mapguy wrote:
>> I have a question regarding the relationship between PROJECTION and 
>> EXTENT for the display of layers in the mapfile  (mapserve src 4.02 
>> and the new 4.2beta) I have managed to get a custom region working 
>> using the mapderve cgi tutorial files as a start. I have successfully 
>> displayed and tiled natural color ortho tiffs in EPSG:32115 (NY East 
>> state plane), and I have succeeded with a UTM location that displays 
>> shape files in EPSG:26918 (UTM 18N NAD83 GRS80).
>> I have downloaded 302 world-file-referenced tiffs with the 1:24000 
>> scale topo info for NYS. These are in EPSG:26918 (UTM 18NnAD83 
>> GRS80)  and the extents, coordinate system and mapping have been 
>> verified in my GIS program (grass 5.03).  These files will not 
>> display, neither as single maps nor as a tiled map, even though the 
>> shapefile for the TILEINDEX (with the exact same coord parameters) 
>> displays just fine (I even got a county line shapefile map in latlong 
>> coordinates to plot properly on the UTM basemap). No errors in the 
>> logs.  I used .tfw and .wld and internal GeoTiff (gdal_translated) 
>> files all with the same null result.
>> I have searched and read the posts on related problems, and it seems 
>> I have considered al the possibilities listed. I tried a gdalwarp 
>> into state plane (tiff output) coordinates to see if I could 
>> "TRANSFORM" it onto the base EPSG:26918 map, but failed to get 
>> anything more than the blank map frame.
>> Is there something about UTM and EPSG I am missing, at least as they 
>> concern mapserver?
> Mapguy,
> Common problems in this sort of configuration include:
>  o Path in the tile index is not absolute.  They don't have to be 
> absolute, but
>    it can be tricky to use proper relative paths in a web 
> environment.  If files
>    are not found, MapServer will often just quietly ignore the fact.
>  o Some sort of mixup with the extents.  Are the extents in UTM 18 as 
> well?
>    If the tileindex plots properly this is likely not the problem.
>  o Using a MapServer without appropriate format support.  For 
> instance, if you
>    don't have GDAL support you may not be able to display some formats 
> of TIFF.
>  o Getting the wrong driver.  Old MapServers (4.0? at least in 3.x) 
> sometimes
>    would use the built-in TIFF driver instead of GDAL.  The built-in TIFF
>    driver only suppose a few variations of TIFF file organization.
> My suggestions for debugging:
>  o Turn on debugging and review debug messages.  Set the "DEBUG ON" line
>    in the MAP object, and in the tileindexed raster layer object.  You 
> should
>    see at least a few debug messages even if things are working just 
> fine.
>  o Test at the commandline with shp2img program (and debugging enabled).
>  o Turn on GDAL debugging when testing with shp2img by setting the 
> environment
>    variable GDAL_DEBUG to ON.   You should see debug messages about 
> each TIFF
>    file that is actually opened.
> Best regards,
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