[Mapserver-users] Mapserver Hosting Wanted

Eduardo Patto Kanegae eduardo at consultoria.eti.br
Wed May 19 07:34:44 EDT 2004


DMSolutions offers it by MapSherpa services. and despite I found it very 
cheap four our project goals we decide to host it here in Brazil with a 
dedicated server service for R$1000/month( = +- US$300). We decide what 
to install in this server but we cannot touch it. We just tell what we 
want and they do the rest.
We did this because our application uses PHPMapScript, and common cheap 
hosters does not offer the possibility to install a new PHP extension ( 

Or , if your application does not need MapScript, only the CGI mapserver 
bins, you could upload the mapserver binaries ...
This was fine to me in my first mapserver application ( 
http://www.consultoria.eti.br/clickbrasil )


Eduardo Patto Kanegae

## Projeto MapServer Brasil - http://mapserver.cttmar.univali.br ##
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Aaron Kreider escreveu:

>Are there any companies that offer cheap Mapserver hosting?  
>I found GisHosting.net offering Mapserver hosting, but their website is down and it looks like 
>their effort may have never gotten off the ground. Does anyone know what happenned to 
>I just need a basic web hosting plan, that comes with Mapserver installed.
>aaron at campusactivism.org
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