[Mapserver-users] Shp2Img gmake Error

FABIO COELHO qoelhex at cttmar.univali.br
Wed May 19 17:16:07 EDT 2004

Hi dear Friends

I'm trying to compile mapserver on HP UX 11.00, and after I had compiled all
dependencies for my desired features, I got this error, at middle of compilation:

-DUSE_GD_FT -DUSE_PDF       -DUSE_THREAD -I/opt/univali/include
-I/opt/univali/include -I/opt/univali/include             shp2img.o  -L. -lmap
-L/opt/univali/lib -lgd  -L/opt/univali/lib -Wl,+b -Wl,/opt/univali/lib
-lfreetype -lpng -L/opt/univali/lib -lz  
-L/usr/desen/cunivali/Tar/PDFlib-Lite-5.0.3-Unix-src/libs/pdflib/lib -lpdf
-L/opt/univali/lib -ltiff  -L/opt/univali/lib -Wl,+b -Wl,/opt/univali/lib
-lfreetype -lpng -L/opt/univali/lib -lz   -L/opt/univali/lib -lproj  /usr -lm  
-o shp2img
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: /usr: Not a valid object file (invalid system id)
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
gmake: *** [shp2img] Error 1

In bugzilla, have a recomendation to use g++ in the place of ld, to link the
librarys, but the error still continue...

What I can do?

I'm using, gmake, and I don´t have root privileges.


by qoelheX

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