[Mapserver-users] Hunting for global data

Scott Ainslie dmi at webmail.co.za
Thu May 20 07:17:22 EDT 2004

If some one could complie a free global data set (Countries, towns, roads,
rivers, etc) that would be great, I need this.

If this is what you are doing please post a page with a work in progress.


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> Thank Jan,  my first goal is to get a good set of global datasets up and
> running, then have others grab them.
> Your link had a typo, for the mailing list record, your link should have
> been:
> http://mapserver.sara.nl
> > Look at http://maspserver.sara.nl , under World Maps. It has eight
> > detailed world maps (elevation, satellite, land use) at 30 seconds
> > resolution (1 km at the equator, 21600*10800 cells). They are from NASA,
> > NOAA and others and are all in the public domain. I resampled and
> > retiled them to GeoTIFF, as described in yesterday's posting
> >
> > If you want to set up a demo site with explanations how to do this in
> > MapServer, I'll be happy to assist.
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