[Mapserver-users] Shp2Img gmake Error - Adding info - New Direction

FABIO COELHO qoelhex at cttmar.univali.br
Thu May 20 14:51:03 EDT 2004

Frank wrote for my desperate Soul:

> qoelheX,
> This indicates there is no implementation of the code in mapthread.c is found.
> Assuming that mapthread.o *is* being linked in, my guess would be that
> the "unix" macro is not defined.  If this happens no implementation will
> be compiled. 

So, this was the problem, mapthread.o! I went to check your generation, and
despite it being generated, it was generated against the wrong thread libs! So I
remove the absolute references for pthread and let the SO manage this!

Thank you by the help!

Tanks a lot

by qoelheX

PS: I got a new error, but I'll post in another thread for clarity. :D

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