[Mapserver-users] php_mapscript_40.dll path problem on iis5/win2000

John Spotten John.Spotten at capetown.gov.za
Fri May 21 03:00:18 EDT 2004


Unable to load dynamic library
'c:\php4\extensions\php_mapscript_40.dll' - The specified procedure
could not be found.

I get this error when I load phpinfo_mapscript.phtml from url at
another directory location. php.ini has extension_dir=
"c:\php4\extensions" followed by extension=php_mapscript_40.dll and
php_mapscript_40.dll is in this directory along with all it's dependency

the error does not occur  when I load phpinfo_mapscript.phtml from url

no restriction on directory or file permissions either.

any clues

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