[Mapserver-users] Install help on Win 2000 Server with IIS

Chip Hankley Chip.Hankley at rmtinc.com
Fri May 21 10:21:22 EDT 2004

> <form name="demo" method="GET" action="\scripts\mapserv.exe"
> <input type="hidden" name="map"
> <input type="hidden" name="program" value="\scripts\mapserv.exe"> 
> <input type="hidden" name="root"
> <input type="hidden" name="map_web_imagepath" value="\tmp\">
> <input type="hidden" name="map_web_imageurl" value="\tmp\">

Ross -

Your variables seem different from the way I do mine (also Win2K, IIS).
All of the paths in my setup are essentially urls, except for "map" and
"map_web_imagepath". See below:

<form name="demo" method="GET" action="/scripts/mapserv.exe"

<input type="hidden" name="map"
<input type="hidden" name="program" value="/scripts/mapserv.exe">
<input type="hidden" name="root" value="/MapServer/PointTest/">
<input type="hidden" name="map_web_imagepath"
<input type="hidden" name="map_web_imageurl" value="/tmp/">

Note that I'm using a relative path for my "map" value, but that I
hard-code the "map_web_imagepath" value. I'm not sure why, but this is
the only way that it worked. Also, for all urls, I use forward slashes.

Once you get this straightened out, the next thing to check is your tmp
directory. If it's working, you should see images being generated in tmp
when you load a page. A common issue with the TMP directory is NOT
giving the default web user (IUSR_<machine>) write permission to that
directory. EVERYONE FULL CONTROL will NOT work.



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