[Mapserver-users] emacs mode for .MAP files

Hal Mueller hal at mobilegeographics.com
Mon May 24 04:05:52 EDT 2004

I've put together a fairly simple MapServer mode for the Emacs text 
editor.  I've been using the module for a few days now under GNU 
Emacs and it works pretty well.  Haven't tested under XEmacs, but I 
expect it would work fine there too.

You can download the mode at 

The main thing this mode does is indentation.  Your code will be 
indented as you type it, or you can reindent/reformat an entire file 
at once.  It also does some keyword highlighting, but I rarely care 
about that myself so haven't worked that feature very much.

Known bug:
Constructs like the one below will add an extra indent level:
     PROJECTION "xxxx" "yyyy" "zzzz" END
         CLASS ....

Instead, use this style:
         "xxxx" "yyyy" "zzzz"

(the problem arises for POINTS 1 1 END and anything similar).

I don't have this code checked into any CVS, so if you have 
mods/bugfixes, please email me directly.  If you have a MAP file that 
doesn't format correctly, please send me the file (and a comment 
about what doesn't work).  License for this Emacs mode is the same as 
the MapServer license (and _not_ the GPL).


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