[Mapserver-users] raster catalogs with 4.2b3

Norbert Thieme norbert.thieme at ilmenau.baw.de
Mon May 24 08:32:15 EDT 2004

mapserver at geochem.de schrieb:
> Hi List,
> i did some tests with php mapscript 4.2b3 and found that my raster
> catalogs did not work with this mapserver version.
> The script which works fine with PHP Mapscript 4.0.2. termined with an 
> internal server error (Premature end of script headers) when i use
> 4.2b3. 
> The type of the Layer is set to MS_LAYER_RASTER. Do i have to use
> MS_LAYER_TILEINDEX now (how?) or what do i have to change to use raster
> catalogs with 4.2b3?
> Many thanks Nicol
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sounds like a problem I had a few weeks ago. My scripts all worked well 
with v4.0.2 and .tif's but when I upgraded I get the same server error.

The problem was that I compiled mapserver with "regular" TIF support and 
GDAL TIF support. If there are both you might get that problem so look 
in the output of mapserv -v. If you have both then it would be better to 
compile the mapserver again with "--without-tiff" option. I did that and 
all work fine again.


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