[Mapserver-users] rasters and flash-mapserver

bpicinbono@worldonline.fr bpicinbono at worldonline.fr
Wed May 26 05:23:39 EDT 2004

Hi, the list,
I am working with Flash-MapServer interfaces. It works great with basic shapes layers (dbf, shp, shx) and output nice swf movies; but I can't manage to use raster images.
My MapServer installation works fine with input tiff raster images on basic applications, but when I try to use tiff images with my Flash-MapServer interface, it creates a temporary swf movie, which is ... a black rectangle ! I tried with jpeg images: same result (could it be a bad "--with-ming" MapServer compilation ?).

I am using MapServer-4.0.2, GD-2.0.22 and Ming-0.3a. I use the FORMATOPTION "OUTPUT_MOVIE=MULTIPLE" option in my map file and my raster layer is defined in the map file this way :
 NAME photo
  "DESCRIPTION" "photo"
 DATA photo.tif

Has anybody managed to use raster images with Flash-MapServer ? What I am looking for is to have MapServer output swf movies for vector layers and png (or jpeg) images for raster layers. I am wondering if I can use the "2 map files method" described in the MapServerDXF wiki, but it will turn the code a bit more complex (and I haven t tried yet if it can work fine).
Any idea welcomed !

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