[Mapserver-users] AVL

Alejandro Vartabedian avartabedian at webservices.com.uy
Thu May 27 10:17:45 EDT 2004

	i developed an avl with php-mapscript using gps hardware un the
vehivle, cdpd for data transmission over internet, an xml socket as
interface beetween the gps and my application.
	i'm making the final touchs for the client.
	it runs very well and fast (i developed a pseudo 'geo-cache' system) on
a simple browser. i'm working too with a friend that work with flash in
integrating it with a flash frontend using webservices. it means the
capability to integrate it wiht lot of apps.
	now there is no preview, but comming soon.

	i am thinking make it open source but i have to make it economically
sustentable too selling/licensing/supporting it in some way. suggests
are wellcome :-)
	it is a little dilema, here in uruguay it's not easy to do those
things, and i am an independent linux worker (oops i forgot say it's all
linux based!) so my economical maintenance is the work i do. (this avl
is not the only thing/product i do)

	well if you like to be updated on the online preview availability let
me know.

	good luck, coding and mapping.

pd: english is not my native language.

vadivelan palanisamy wrote:
 > Dear lists,
 > I want to know anyone have used the mapserver for automated vehicle
 > location application. (user can see the vehicle (point) moving on the
 > Any sample application is available for this.
 > Thanks in advance.
 > P.Vadivelan
 > ******************
 > Regards,
 > P.Vadivelan
 > Chennai, India
 > ******************
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