[Mapserver-users] virtual spatial data

Chip Hankley Chip.Hankley at rmtinc.com
Thu May 27 11:10:35 EDT 2004

>...but I haven't tested with either IIS or MS SQL 
>Server so you are right on the bleeding edge.
I'm actually using an MS Access database.

>Is your ODBC DSN a System DSN? User DSNs don't  

> If you can set the CPL_DEBUG environment variable 
> to ON, OGR will  provide you with more information 
> about what is succeeding and what is  failing. I'm only
> familiar with doing that via apache, however.
I'll look into that. Anyone ever set this on IIS?

> Is it possible for either of you to test using different 
> ODBC drivers (perhaps to a different db)
...no doubt I'll keep playing.

With respect to MS version, is there anyway to figure out which version
of GDAL the exe was compiled with?

Thanks for the help!


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