[Mapserver-users] virtual spatial data

Jenu Abraham jenu_ab at hotmail.com
Thu May 27 17:31:08 EDT 2004


*-I'm running it under system DSN with administrative privileges

*-originfo didnt work with ODBC text driver - i'm trying to figure out why- 
--its unable to initialize

*-originfo virtual.ovf mylayer is returning all of the contents of our 

another quirk- i would like to mention -though it may not be relevent

   before i used to have the latlong table in a database with other user 
when i gave it the command "originfo ODBC:DSN" it showed only
1: some other table name in the database
even though it showed that originfo had opened successfully using the ODBC 
driver successfully

-----i'm wondering is there any default table issue associated with 

when i put "originfo ODBC:DSN latlong" it didn  output the table results 
from latlong table even though it said open successful & using driver ODBC 

since then i have created a seperate new database with just the latlong 
table inside the db--
everything is working fine after that... just as it said in the virtual 
spatial data wiki


appretiating the help u are providing



>From: Zak James <zak-ms at hoppsan.org>
>To: "Jenu Abraham" <jenu_ab at hotmail.com>
>CC: mapserver-users at lists.gis.umn.edu
>Subject: Re: [Mapserver-users] [mapserver]virtual spatial data
>Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 16:23:22 -0400
>We were only able to get this to work using a system DSN or a user DSN 
>where the DSN owner had 'Power User' or administrative privileges. Ensure 
>that your DSN is set up properly and try using it from a variety of 
>accounts with different privileges. Were you able to test against the ODBC 
>text driver?
>Looks like your GDAL library is up to date, so assuming you're using 
>Mapserver 4.2 I'm not sure where the problem lies.
>Is this command:
>>originfo virtual.ovf mylayer
>returning all of the contents of your db?
>We are looking at how to make this work with file DSNs so that special 
>privileges are not required.
>Zak James
>Applications and Software Development
>DM Solutions Group Inc.
>On May 27, 2004, at 2:56 PM, Jenu Abraham wrote:
>>hi Zac,
>>*-i tried using the file dsn in win 2003 Small business Server-MS -SQL... 
>>It didnt work with originfo
>>*-I checked the mapserver.exe using the dependency walker
>>-------GDAL12.dll Product version version - N/A
>>----------------------File ver - N/A
>>---------------------Linker Ver- 6.0
>>--------------------OS ver - 4.0
>>-------------------Subsystem ver - 4.0
>>Other thing u asked to check----
>>*-ogrinfo -ro config.ovf     -
>>           gave the output --
>>VRT successful 1: mylayer <point>
>>*- ogrinfo -ro config.ovf mylayer
>>           - gave the same output as with the command-   originfo 
>>virtual.ovf mylayer
>>hope this might help in figuring out where the problem lies..
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