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Jan -

Yes, I agree with Steve - I doubt you need this.  I would recommend you
create a single tileindex and then be sure to create quadtree index on
the tileindex by using shptree.

	- Ed

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Is it possible to have nested tile-indexes for raster applications, i.e.

one master index which refers to several sub-indexes, which in their
turn refer to the underlying raster files? I think I have read something
like this in the list, but I can't find it. I'm trying to make a design
for displaying 17000 historical cadastral maps, each 4000*4000 pixels,
covering the whole of the Netherlands. At a later stage I would like to
do the same for the original 10000*10000 scans. Any other suggestions on
how to organise this would be very welcome too.

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