[Mapserver-users] nested tiles

Dinen Subramaniam dinen at reimertechnologygroup.com
Fri May 28 16:37:08 EDT 2004


I have tried nested tiling but you don't get the desired results. There is
no error generated but the polygons representing the tiles at the second
layer are rendered. That is the second layer of tile indexes are treated
like a regular shape file, and its polygons are rendered.

This can be interesting if you have used shp2tile with the -q option and
want to see where your tiles are.


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Ed McNierney wrote:

> Jan -
> Yes, I agree with Steve - I doubt you need this.  I would recommend you
> create a single tileindex and then be sure to create quadtree index on
> the tileindex by using shptree.

OK, I'll do that; it's a small country after all. The quadtree is a good 
suggestion, perhaps that's what I did read about. Just for the record: 
*are* nested tiles possible?

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